miércoles, 3 de diciembre de 2014

Block4 UNIT12

How much time do you spend a day on the news? When do you usually check out the news? What news are you most interested in?

I always like read the news of day, news nationals and internationals, because one have to be informed about what happen to their around. 

I usually read news publications at the web, because information is varied, also is instant.

image of Internet news page

By the way, I think, we have to read the news that offer us knowledge. News like deaths, murders, gossip are examples of what give us bad press.

However, anyone is free to choose to read anything. Some prefer to read about sports, fashion, business; others about history, science, numbers.

Finally, the important thing is to read a lot, because a person ready and that know the world in which lives, will know defend their priorities.

Importance of newspaper!

miércoles, 19 de noviembre de 2014

Block3 UNIT8

Why do people have regrets about things
 in their life?

People complains about many things throughout of their life, and they live with this pain. When these people grow up they realize they were not happy and would like to change things and take opportunities.

We always complain of little things, sometimes we don't realize that other people have problems more stronger than us. But the curious thing is that we blame our context and don't see the real cause.

The regrets of today:

1. I don't have a perfect body 
2. I wish to had a iphone 6
3. I didn't approved my test, because I didn't study
4. I wish could expresse my feelings
5. I wish I could accept myself

Lives without regrets!

1. Go out with your friends
2. Enjoy the happy moments.
3. Keep always a smile.
4. Face your problems.
5.Listens and enjoys your favorite songs.
6. Forget the past and lives the present.
7. Lives without rancors.
8.Be Open To New Opportunities

Finally, We have to live to think about the future that awaits us. Forgetting the chains that hold us and be free at last.

 Inspirational Video!!


domingo, 9 de noviembre de 2014

Block2 UNIT5

What do you think about healthy food?

I think that healthy food is very important today, because give us more energy, the one necessary to be more alert.

Before, I used to think that everything was healthy, but actually I was wrong. By the way, I started to eat healthy since my sister started to go to the gym, because because she always talk me about healthy food.

Reasons to eating healthy food:

1.We can do all the activities that we want us, because we have the resistance necessary to do it.
2. It prevents diseases like cancer, cardiac troubles, cholesterol, anemia, obesity
3.This help us regulate our weight if we eating with moderation
4. We eliminate toxins.
5. We can sleep best, because our body is functioning correctly.
6. We see us more attractives.

TIPS for healthy eating:

1. Limit your intake sugar and alcohol.
2. Eating two or more fruits and vegetables of all kind.
3. Moderate portion sizes

Life happiest

Remember cooking healthy food!!



domingo, 2 de noviembre de 2014

Block1 UNIT 3

What do you know about “Human Wonders”?

Today, we going to talk about Machu Picchu, because this represents a peruvian pride.

Machu Picchu was a remote Inca city, the majority archaelogists agree that was built during the reing of Pachacutec. It was built around A.D. 1450 when  the Inca Empire was expandig its power.

It was built to shelter the Inca aristocracy. Located in a hidden in Cuzco, surrounded by cliffs between the flora, a persona wouldn't realize its existence at a glance.

Pitifully, at 1532 Spanish conquistadors arrived to Cusco and they destroyed many cities, but they didn't see the big city by its location.

Mysteriously, Machu picchu was abandoned and no one knew its existence, until at 1911 the archaeologist Hiram Bingham ,in a expedition, rediscovered this city.

Nowadays Machu Picchu is considered a wonderful of the world, and is a place much visited by the tourists of other countries and also peruvians.

This is amazing!