miércoles, 19 de noviembre de 2014

Block3 UNIT8

Why do people have regrets about things
 in their life?

People complains about many things throughout of their life, and they live with this pain. When these people grow up they realize they were not happy and would like to change things and take opportunities.

We always complain of little things, sometimes we don't realize that other people have problems more stronger than us. But the curious thing is that we blame our context and don't see the real cause.

The regrets of today:

1. I don't have a perfect body 
2. I wish to had a iphone 6
3. I didn't approved my test, because I didn't study
4. I wish could expresse my feelings
5. I wish I could accept myself

Lives without regrets!

1. Go out with your friends
2. Enjoy the happy moments.
3. Keep always a smile.
4. Face your problems.
5.Listens and enjoys your favorite songs.
6. Forget the past and lives the present.
7. Lives without rancors.
8.Be Open To New Opportunities

Finally, We have to live to think about the future that awaits us. Forgetting the chains that hold us and be free at last.

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