domingo, 9 de noviembre de 2014

Block2 UNIT5

What do you think about healthy food?

I think that healthy food is very important today, because give us more energy, the one necessary to be more alert.

Before, I used to think that everything was healthy, but actually I was wrong. By the way, I started to eat healthy since my sister started to go to the gym, because because she always talk me about healthy food.

Reasons to eating healthy food:

1.We can do all the activities that we want us, because we have the resistance necessary to do it.
2. It prevents diseases like cancer, cardiac troubles, cholesterol, anemia, obesity
3.This help us regulate our weight if we eating with moderation
4. We eliminate toxins.
5. We can sleep best, because our body is functioning correctly.
6. We see us more attractives.

TIPS for healthy eating:

1. Limit your intake sugar and alcohol.
2. Eating two or more fruits and vegetables of all kind.
3. Moderate portion sizes

Life happiest

Remember cooking healthy food!!


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